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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Strangers on a Train by Ruthie Knox, Donna Cummings, Samantha Hunter, Serena Bell, Meg Maguire

I LOVED all 5 of these. 
Each one is a really short novella (about 70 pages) and they are fabulous!! It's really a nice idea that each one of the authors wrote some story taking place on a train - each one is different though the setting is the same. 

Link to reviews
Tight Quarters by Samantha Hunter
Back on Track by Donna Cummings
Ticket Home by Serena Bell
Thank You for Riding by Meg Maguire
Big Boy by Ruthie Knox

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 312 pages, 1 July - 24 August 2013 / On GoodReads

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