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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bending Over Backwards by Samantha Hunter

I'm in the middle of Midnight Breed Series (fictional and vampiric), just finished the 4th book and wanted something sweet and easy to read. It was quite early in the evening and I had a few hours to read before I sign out for the day. grabbed this one and drowned in it. 

What a sweet sweet story! 

Jasmine has a past to run away from. not that's is catching up, its her not wanting to end up like her family did. she wants her life to be as she wants it to be and she is determined to do it her way and on her own. she started up a Yoga studio a few years back and slowly but surely the business is building up. she is happy but exhausted.

Leo on the other hand, doesn't know what he wants in his life. He was witnessed to a shooting in his working place and got shot himself, so the papers says.. he doesn't remember any of it. in fact he doesn't remember anything about his job. His boss determined to get him back, suggests that he takes a time off in his summer house near the beach in Cape Cod. 

Leo sees Jasmine on the beach instructing Yoga and his interest rising. he tries to half ask about signing up for Yoga and half hitting on her. with signing up - Jasmine has no problem, but any kind of relationship with this shark (those investment banker in dark gray suits..) is out of the question. Leo wants her, wants her in his bed, wants to be her friend, wants to help her. and he is willing to give her all the time she needs but in the end he simply wants her. 

Jasmine on the other hand - doesn't want him! - well, she loves having sex with him, but even that she considers a mistake. it takes her a lot of time to realize she truly wants him and doesn't want to let go even though he might be returning back to his job and leaving Cape Cod sometime sooner or later. 

Its a short story. but even so it succeeds in building their relationship beautifully. how she wants him but is afraid of committing to a relationship that is doomed to end and might leave her heart broken. How Leo is determined to have Jasmine ever if it brakes his heart, he is willing to help her, to take her in her own pace, to give her time, not to push, whatever she needs. he is just THERE for her in the true sense of the word. He doesn't judge her, doesn't make a "scene" when she pushes him again and again. he lets her decide and gives her time to do it. 

I just loved his character so much! There was a beautiful balance in him being there for her to him giving her space when she needs it. that's something we don't see very often. Though he doesn't know what he wants to do in his life, and doesn't remember what he used to do or even if he liked it this is the one thing he knows he wants and I just love the way he does it. in such a relaxed way. 

Reading about all those vampire dudes in my previous (and "usual") read - they know what they want - they want her - and they "hunt" her for it in a way till they get there. here its so different and so beautiful because it is so gentle. How much I love reading those fiction vampiric novels I found this one in the right time and place. I'll be checking up Hunter's books to find my balance of touch dudes with hopefully a dash of sweet guys that wins you over with their thoughtfulness and not their muscle and bad attitude :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 132 pages, 9-10 August 2013 / On GoodReads

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