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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

I usually finish a book even if I don't want to finish it. I'll complain and bitch about it endlessly but still, I WOULD finish it. even if it takes me forever and ever. 

This time I decided not to.. I read 38% of the book and decided not to continue.

The book itself was OK I guess, I mean the writing was OK but not "brilliant" or anything special. 
We don't get to see the relationship building up. only glimpses that I felt just wasn't enough. 
I felt like I was missing something. 
And them they move in together? After I read about practically 2 dates? (naturally there were more..)
what happens once she gets to London is so sad.. really.. I don't want to spoiler anything but basically I just think about what she is going through and I want to cry out that this is sad and ridiculous but Sophie isn't interesting enough for me to keep reading how everything just doesn't work out (I'm sure in the end it will though I'll never know).

It's hard to relate to Sophie. You feel sorry for her, sure, but you feel it in a kind of "remote" way. and Billy is just a guy.. you don't feel like WOW he's amazing (or WOW he's an ass :D) he's just this famous guy how dates Sophie which is a nobody.

I am lacking the emotion here. the building of the plot. the changes that happens to the characters and how it comes to pass. this is sort of a "fast-forward" kind of book, but not in a good way (as going through a book in a day simply because you couldn't put it done).

I know it's Giovanna's first book and in a way I feel bad writing this review because we all start somewhere. but in my opinion this book is just lacking. I wish I'd felt differently, but I don't.. 

  (DNF 38%) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 402 pages, 7-14 July 2013 / On GoodReads

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